Thursday, August 14, 2014

Data Center Maintenance 8/14

This maintenance is complete.


On August 14th the Network and Telecommunications team will be performing maintenance in the Data Center.  From 6 to 9pm, we will be turning off the DC side of the devices that are powered by both AC and DC power supplies, in order to work on the DC power bank.  The AC power supplies are sized to run the equipment without the second power supply.  We will also be moving KanRen's Cienna and the phone system to battery backup during this time.  We do not anticipate any network or phone outage during the maintenance.

The second phase of maintenance will be 9pm - midnight.  We will be adding 10Gb modules to the Nexus 5548 switches.  The switches will need to be powered down to insert the module.  However, only one switch will be down at time.  The second switch will remain active, to continue processing traffic.  So we do not anticipate a network outage, during this maintenance.