Friday, October 10, 2014

Firewall Maintenance 10/10/14

This maintenance has been completed.


The security team will be upgrading several firewalls across campus Friday October 10, 2014 between 9 PM and 10:30 PM, to address several vulnerabilities recently disclosed. Those firewalls which will be upgraded are: KDA, VPN, PCI, Olathe, Athletics, Police

The KDA, VPN, PCI, and Olathe installations currently have HA pairs, so no disruption of service is anticipated with those upgrades.  Athletics and Police are not currently in HA pairs, so will notice approximately a 5 minute service disruption as the firewall is rebooted to load the new software.

In addition, several of these firewalls offer VPN services, and the AnyConnect client on them will also be updated.  As a result, clients using VPN services from one of these firewalls will notice their AnyConnect client being upgraded the next time they start a session.  Firewalls affected by this portion of the maintenance are: VPN, Olathe, Police