Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Canvas Issue

Canvas is currently experiencing problems related to Explorer 11 and Edge browsers on Windows 10. Some students have reported problems submitting assignments when using these browsers. The "SmartScreen Filter" security feature in IE 11 and Edge is flagging Canvas (specifically, components of Canvas to do with assignment submissions) as potentially dangerous.

Canvas engineers are working to fix this problem, but in the meantime we suggest that students switch to another browser like Chrome 47 and 48, Safari 8 and 9, or Firefox 43 and 44.

For students who wish to use IE 11 or Edge, they can turn off the "SmartScreen Filter" by following these steps:
1. Go to "Settings" in IE 11 or Edge
2. Choose "Advanced Settings"
3. Turn off the option labeled "Help protect me from malicious sites and downloads with SmartScreen Filter"