Wednesday, June 6, 2018

IT System Status

There are a few systems still in active evaluation or maintenance. We will discontinue the 4pm Zoom sessions and continue posting updates to this page. 
  • Unavailable systems - Development and test environments for all services
  • 50% Complete – Repair of network connections. Awaiting arrival of replacement equipment to get reach full capacity. The data center is currently operating with a single connection to the campus network.
  • 75% Complete  – Most, but not all, data and system backups are fully operational. Awaiting arrival of replacement parts.  
  • 95% Complete – Services and systems online.
  • 100% Completed - Equipment components tested. Most equipment is operational. Awaiting arrival of replacement parts.

NOTE: Since nearly all systems are online now, stressed equipment may fail causing periodic outages.  

Electrical power to the data center is stabilized, but there is no target date yet for permanent power restoration. Purchasing and installing replacement parts and equipment continues as needed. Unavailable systems will be posted to the status page as we learn more.

The following are some answers to specific questions the IT Help Desk and others have been receiving.

Can my unit begin creating eIDs? Yes, the eID creation process is working.

What if my password period expired during the outage? Password changes were suspended during the ~ 11 day outage. The password change requirement is again operational and you should begin receiving notices about expiration dates. 

Are KSIS and DARS available?  Is ImageNow available? Is Mediasite available? Yes, KSIS, DARS, ImageNow and Mediasite are available. 

Is the Wildcat ID creation process operational? Yes, you can create a wildcat ID card.

Is Talisma available?  Yes, Talisma is available.  

Where is the IT Help Desk located? The IT Help Desk is located in the Union Cat's Pause Lounge 785-532-7722.